How Worship can change you…

The “following Jesus” life is not easy. It’s very difficult but worth it. Even though I still struggle with making the righteous decision on a regular basis and find myself struggling with sin in certain seasons, I always come to a reminded place that Jesus hasn’t given up on me. He made a covenant to me and He’s really good at keeping it. What it entails? Salvation, redemption, and pleasure.
My response to Him is a measure of my worship or dedication. The more I listen and respond to Him, the more I am going to endure His plans of salvation, redemption, and pleasure for me. Unfortunately, His picture of goodness can be very, drastically different looking than mine. This is where I, and certainly you, find myself clawing to hold on to my old nature. I find myself not wanting to embrace a new picture of goodness.

I am a man of many words. I speak more than my lips can handle, at times, and I often say things before I’ve had a chance for my mind to process. I usually say something I don’t mean to, even if I pull it off elegantly. This has gotten me into trouble; this has caused me pain. Even in the midst of it all, I have realized that I wish I were a man of fewer words.

Long of it short, I believe the Lord is leading me into a season of learning to be a man of lesser words and of greater thought. Quick to listen, quick to process, slow to respond, slow to blabber like a flippant coward. He wants to fix me, yes, but better yet, He wants to make me more holy – like Him.


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