Why do we do what we do and how do we do it?

I always wonder why people do some of the things they do. Probably the more absurd or ridiculous the thing, the quicker that question comes to mind. But even when I see someone doing something that our culture would deem “normal” or even “acceptable”, I can’t help but revel in the curiosity of “why would they do what they are doing in the way they are doing it?” It feels weird penning that phrase because it comes off with a sense of condescension – “how could you?!” or “why did you think that?!” or “what on earth are you doing?!”. That’s not the way I hear it in my head. Rather, it’s more of a curious desire toward understanding their perspective on life and the inner voice that is guiding their actions. Yet, as philosophical or deep as that process of inquiry can be, I believe it is so relevant to our time today.
Why do our political parties differ so deeply? What do they personally believe? How are they going to handle that disagreement? Why do certain people groups feel discriminated against? What makes them more special than the person that’s not a part of that group? How are both sides going to respond in love and kindness? Why does the American church have so many denominations? What does each denomination believe? How are they going to be unified as the “body of Christ”? I know that I’m not the only person asking these questions but I do believe very few of us are willing to actually hear the answers from the horses mouth. And sometimes, the horses mouth is responding too quickly to how they feel before they can actually formulate an honest answer. But we’re too busy doing the same thing and instead we ask “why would you ever think that?!” or “how could that be the right way to do it?!” or “what did you think you were doing?!”
The Truth – we all think a bit differently, we all process a bit differently, and ultimately we all act in our own unique way.
The Why, the What, the How.
Can we respect one another for why we do what we do and how we do it? First listen, be willing to understand, and if you don’t agree, lovingly and respectfully disagree with a dialogue. Please.


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