Worship…why do we do it? pt. 2

As a follow up to my previous post, I believe that in the midst of our innate behavior to worship, I find worship to be a relatively selfish act. Worship isn’t solely tied to our act towards God or some form of false deity but to anything we want. Worship is defined by our devotion to someone or something by our actions (verbal and nonverbal) in reference to energy and time. We can worship arts and entertainment; music and television shows. We can worship athletes, actors, even pastors. We can even worship our own spouse. But can we be honest with ourselves? Why would we worship these things or people? Because of what they deserve or even what they do for us? Or is it just for who they are? Do we really even know that actor? Or that athlete? Are we worshiping our spouse because of who they are or because of what they do for us?
I’ll be honest. I think worship can come from a number of places in our hearts – what it is, what it does for us, how it makes us feel.
But I’ll be even more honest…I’m not sure that our worship will ever be fully satisfied unless it is directed toward the One who created us.
God is worthy of our worship because of who He is. Before anything He has ever done, that we can see, He was. Can we just sit and think and wonder and direct our hearts toward that truth? HE IS, HE WAS, and HE ALWAYS WILL BE. Even before He spoke Light out of nothingness, He always was and always would be. But then He made us – you and me. Then He spoke to us. Then He came after us after we sinned – He pursued us. Then He covered us with blood. He is still pursuing us.
What athlete does that? What T.V. show does that? Honestly…what spouse can totally fulfill those things? No one can…but God himself as the Father, as Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit…He can accomplish all of those things and more.
I think I would rather figure out how to worship someone that big and that great and that loving.

Consider all of the above a potential paranthetical – the question still stands: why do we worship?

After all was said above, we have an advantage to worshiping the God of Abraham, the God of Moses, and David. The same God that Jesus claims to be as well as claiming to be Son to the Father. The same God that dwells within us by His Holy Spirit when we confess that Jesus is our Lord and King and Savior for who He is and what He has accomplished for us, His creation.
The advantage: He commands us to worship Him. Not because He is a tyrant King but because He is a loving Father. He knows what His children need. He knows that without boundaries, we are aimless. Do we stray? Yes. Does he forgive us? Yes. But He directs us by telling us that worshiping Him and Him alone is the BEST way to live.

Why do we worship? Because we are wired for it.
Why do we worship God? Because it is the best way to live.


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