Worship…why do we do it? pt. 1

Although this is mostly self therapeutic, if someone is reading this and hasn’t read my first post on “…what is it?”, then you should postpone this short read until you’ve read that.

We are created beings…created human and we have a purpose in life. Some would say that there is a precise purpose of life for each individual and that makes us all unique. I would tend to agree with this but before I agree to specifics, I must build on a main theme first. I believe we all are able to draw from one stream the very reason we breathe today. We all come from One Maker, who, in purpose for making us, desires to achieve one thing: to be in relationship to His creation. This does not make God inferior to humanity or even put Him on the same level. Nor does it demean the character of God. Rather, it gives certainty to the very root thing we all live for: to know and be known.

So, let us agree on 2 things. 1, God created humans for His pleasure, for the purpose of relating to them (knowing them and making Himself known to them) and 2, humanity’s innate and consensual purpose for life is to know and be known. We can then draw the conclusion that we were wired to know our God and be known by our God. Wouldn’t that be the primary function of a created object? To be understood as its creator’s creation and to know that creator? From there, it can know that it is rooted in truth. So, do we know have the same response as humans? To understand ourselves as ownership of God’s and to know God?
What is it, then, that we do when the inner voice cries out to be known or wants to know what is going on? Where and how do we spend our time and energy? How should we be?
I call this worship. We do it because we are made by a creative God. We do it because we have been given the freedom to do so. We do it because we want to know and be known by something bigger than us. We worship because we were made for it; built for it; wired for it.
But where do we go wrong? When our creativity, our freedom, and our identity is found in anything but God.
We must take back this ground…we must fight for what is true…we can’t allow the world to define us. We must allow our God to define us by realigning our worship back to Him.


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