Worship…what is it?

Our current culture of Christianity has categorized and subcategorized many things that cannot and should not be boxed in. Whether that be “church” or “teaching or preaching” or “worship”…even God. We have allowed ourselves a certain leeway that unfortunately has become normal. We have a pretty good idea that if we wake up at 7am or 8am on a Sunday morning, we could make it to the nearest chapel, worship center, or temple and be caught up in that particular church’s service.

(This is not to create any further damage or argument to the culture of the American (and other parts of the World) church. We all should recognize that we are all living in a fallen world but we cannot forget that we have been made by, pursued by, saved by, loved by, and drawn near by an Almighty, Holy, Wonderful, and Sovereign God).

That being said, what is “worship”? There are so many books out there that can define it in one sentence, and spend the rest of their book to back it up, far beyond the ability that I have to do in this (hopefully) short blog. Worship is a verb, yes, but it is also a noun. If we sing to God, we worship Him. If we think about God, we worship Him. If we love our spouse or family member, we actually worship Him. If we just…exist…we can worship Him. This is so important because almost anything and everything we can do…is an act of worship. Our thoughts, attentions, intentions, desires, purposes…are all acts of worship. More can be said about this…but we need to reshape our minds to recognize this.

I will end this blog by saying that we need to take back the ground that we have given to our pride. Churches fall prey to the fact that their services are “worship services” and almost present them in a way that this is the only place we can do this. Five years ago, I probably would have believed that. My Monday through Saturday is filled with life…I hope that I can get my “worshipping” in on Sunday. This is errant and dangerous.
We need to protect our leaders, also, by stripping them of the titles “worship leader” or “worship pastor”. Does that mean that when a deacon or even a pastor steps up to read from the Holy Word of God, that he or she is not worshiping? That we are not worshiping right along with them when we read or write notes? Are we only worshiping when we are singing “worship” songs or standing and facing the “worship team”? Is it wrong to call people “worshipers”? Absolutely not because that’s what we are. But when we are in a corporate setting, i.e. gathered on sunday mornings or saturday nights or wednesday nights or any morning/day/night of the week, we are all worshipers gathering for one purpose…to know and recognize God for who He is…therefore that whole time is an act of worship.

Let us take back what worship is. Now. Let our minds be renewed. For His sake so that we can better be image bearers for God.

I will soon, for my sake, write about why and document my learning of how we worship. Fortunately, we have the best teacher in all of this; not just His words but His life by the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. None other than our Lord, King, Savior, and Friend, Jesus Christ.


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